Special Assistance Programme (SAP-DRS Phase-I)

The major objectives of the Special Assistance Programme (SAP) are as follows:-

a. To identify and support university departments which have the potential to undertake quality teaching and research in various educational disciplines including allied disciplines.
b. To promulgate research in Universities to be relevant to societal needs and have society and industry interaction.
c. To make research a catalyst for good teaching and introduction of new courses relating to identified thrust areas.
d. To have linkages with research organizations and to use their expertise innovatively to support research in the universities.
e. To enhance infrastructural facilities.
f. To utilize the output of research for the development of the nation and society.
g. To train and create quality human resources in identified thrust areas.
h. To search for newer / generic area(s), of research, its promotion and nurturing.

To fulfill the above objectives, linkages with research organizations such as, DST, CSIR, DRDO,DBT etc. should be encouraged. Priority should be given to inter-disciplinary research in all fields.