Special Assistance Programme (SAP-DRS Phase-I)
The tenure of the Special Assistance Progrmme (SAP) will be for a period of FIVE YEARS for a particular phase. The UGC will not provide financial assistance for more than three terms (5 years each)at the same level of DRS and DSA. If the performance of the Special Assistance Programme (SAP) will be for a period of FIVE YEARS for a of the department improves significantly at the level of DRS/DSA the department shall be considered to be upgraded to the level of DSA/CAS as the case may be. No department shall be assisted at DRS/DSA level for more than three terms. It will either be upgraded to DSA/CAS level or discontinued, based on the progress made by the department under Special Assistance Programme

The effective date of implementation of the approved phase/tenure will be 1st April of the next ensuing year. The department has to accept terms & conditions and implement the programme within six months from the date of approval or 1st April of the next financial year whichever is earlier, otherwise UGC shall be at liberty to cancel the approval of the programme.